American Queen Voyages PEME Upload

We have updated the scanning and uploading process for your PEME to our site. 

Here are our new guidelines to efficiently process your PEME:

  1. All your documents need to be scanned as 1 (one) PDF file, also known as a batch scan.
    • We recommend that you use the phone scanner app called “CamScanner” available for both iOS and Android for free.

  1. When you scan your documents, scan them in the following order:
    • Doctor’s signed and stamped page (Medical Certificate for Service at Sea)
    • Crew member’s questionnaire/filled out section
    • Supporting documents as required for your PEME (Blood Tests, Urine analysis, Chest X ray, EKG Liver function test, Drug screen Yellow Fever, Covid vaccine Stool test)

  1. Once the pages have been scanned into one document, rename the file in the following format: LastName_FirstName_DateOfBirth(mmddyyyy)
    • For example: Mike Smith born January 15, 1990, The file name should be: Smith_Mike_01151990
    • Then save the file to your device as a PDF and upload it in this upload portal.

If you are missing any document or if the PEME has been incorrectly filled out by your physician, we cannot process the review and you will be required to make the necessary changes or additions and resubmit. If this is the case, you will need to do a new scan of all the documents into 1 (one) PDF as described above and re-upload this. This is also applicable if the document has been named incorrectly.