Step 1: Read and consent to our Privacy Policy

By clicking on the I AGREE & GIVE MY CONSENT button, I agree with the statements below and consent that my personal information is used as indicated in the Medical Screening Form Privacy Policy:

I have read the above Medical Screening Form Privacy Policy and consent to the collection, use, sharing, and storage of my Medical Screening Form for the purpose of review prior to embarkation. By submitting the Medical Screening Form, I agree that my data is recorded and processed for the purpose of review prior to embarkation at Vikand Medical Solutions until the end of the voyage or up to 7 years if medical assistance is given.

This consent can be withdrawn at anytime by submitting a written request to

By clicking on the I DISAGREE button, applicant does not consent to access to their personal information and will not continue further with the Medical Screening Form upload.

Step 2: Complete the Medical Screening Form

Please check that the sailing you have booked with Viking requires that you complete a Medical Screening Form.

If in doubt, please check the Expedition FAQ section on Viking’s website or contact Viking guest services.

Complete Online Form

If you have completed a hard copy of the form, you can skip Step 2 and Step 3.

Please upload both sections of the form by clicking 'Upload Form' at the bottom of the page.

Step 3: Schedule an appointment

Option 1: Schedule an online appointment with a Vikand doctor (recommended)

As Viking’s medical partner, Vikand offers online consultations with maritime medical doctors at your convenience.

Vikand’s doctors all have extensive shipboard experience, and understand the risks involved in undertaking an expedition cruise. They are ideally placed to assess your medical condition and evaluate your fitness to travel.

From the calendar below, you can schedule an online appointment with a Vikand doctor to complete your medical screening process. You will need a smartphone or computer with camera and audio capability. On booking the appointment, you will be sent an email with a link to the online appointment.

The service fee is $165 per Guest, which will be added to your onboard account at the time of your cruise.

Before booking an appointment with a Vikand doctor, please make sure you have submitted the Guest Section (Step 2) and have received your Submission ID

If for any reason you cannot attend your appointment, please cancel in advance. You can cancel your appointment, free of charge, from the confirmation e-mail you receive when scheduling your appointment.

Please note, should you not attend your appointment without prior cancellation, you will be charged the full service fee of $165 USD.

Option 2: Provide the online form to your local doctor

Please share the link in your submission confirmation email with your local doctor

Option 3: Provide the hard copy of the form to your local doctor

Print the PDF that is attached to your submission confirmation e-mail

Step 4: Attend your consultation

If you have booked an online consultation with a Vikand doctor, simply click on the link in the consultation confirmation email at the scheduled time to begin the online consultation. Your assigned Vikand Doctor will complete the form online.

If you have shared the link in your submission confirmation email with your local doctor, they will be able to access the form online by clicking the link. Once they have completed the form they can submit directly.

If you have provided a hard copy of the form to your local doctor to fill out by hand, please scan the completed form and upload it here:

Upload Form